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Anonymous asked: what do you call your shenis? isnt shenis a thing to help a cis woman pee like as if they have a penis?


no, a shenis is my feminine cock. my lady stick. my womanly cocklette.

my penis.

Anonymous asked: how big is your "shenis"


big enough.

hiiiii! Mahogany here for another fuckin fabulous friday!

this week we are talking about the physical aspects and expectations we put on ourselves as women to make us comfortable or pretty, aside from the whole “passing” concept. I really liked this week’s video, and as you will see when you start watching, there is a surprise lol. 

thanks for watching bb! byyyeeeeeee! :P :) ;)



christians and gays 

Which is which?

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On 9th August 2014, unarmed 18 year old Michael Brown was shot by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, sparking social unrest that continues to this day. Here is a petition to prevent police misconduct.

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Constant Gay Porn!

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